How to Cancel Auto-Shutdown in Windows 10?


Scheduling a task ahead of time literally saves a lot of your valuable time, but at the same time it proves to be troublesome as well.

Let’s consider you have set an auto-shut down task on your system so that you don’t have to manually turn off your windows, but the system will be turned off all by itself at its specified time. But unfortunately you are elsewhere, that is not near your PC, and wish to terminate the auto shut-down procedure immediately. The reason could be anything, there might be some task going on and you don’t want to postpone it by shut down, but you are unable to do it in time as you are not available at the spot to cancel the shut down procedure.

In such cases, cancelling the auto shut-down procedure is much better than keeping it enabled on your system.

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What Are the Consequences of Not Cancelling Auto Shut-down in Windows 10?

Regardless of having innumerable merits for setting the auto shut down in windows, there are demerits as well which cannot be overlooked. Few of those demerits are listed as follows:

  • A message may turn up every now and then “The system is shutting down. Please save all your work” which can really turn into a fuss if you are currently working on an important project and are unable to save it in such a shot span of time.
  • You are not available around your system, and need to cancel the shut down procedure in order to continue the task you have scheduled on your windows right now.
  • Automatic shut down process at times reduces work efficiency as it can turn down any of your task in the middle of your work.
  • Data of important files may get lost for not being able to save them in time quickly before it is turned off.

Here in this article, we would discuss about all the possible measures that can be taken to cancel the auto shut-down process. Keep reading to know the methods in details.

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Method 1: Cancel Auto Shut-Down in Windows 10 Using Command Prompt


As we all know that Command prompt is a marvelous feature introduced by Microsoft Windows operating system to manage and create various scripts and programs to make wonderful things turn around. Thus here in this section, we would demonstrate you the steps to cancel the auto shut-down process using the command prompt program.

Read below to know the method In steps:

Step 1.Turn on your system if it were switched off.

Step 2.Make sure the auto shut down mechanism is enabled or else creating a new task to cancel the shut down may turn into a new mess.

Step 3.After you have been convinced about the auto shut down procedure enabled on your system, press “Windows + R” on your keyboard.

Step 4.On pressing the following combination, a small sized search box called the “Run” search box would appear at the bottom left corner of the Windows screen.

Step 5.In the blank search box, type “CMD” and click on “OK” at the bottom location.

Step 6.Once you have pressed “OK”, a black dialog box would appear on the windows screen instantly which is actually the command prompt operating window.

Step 7.After the command prompt dialog box appears; make sure that the drive which is already selected is C:\ drive in the command prompt.

Step 8.Type in the following command: shutdown –a.

Step 9.After typing the mentioned command, press “Enter”.

There you go, your auto shut-down mechanism has been cancelled.

Method 2: Cancel Auto Shut-Down Using PowerShell

As we all know that PowerShell is a program developed by Microsoft Windows in order to enable the user to manage configuration and task automation. Thus we would use this windows feature to cancel the auto shut-down procedure. Read the steps below to know the method accurately:

Step 1.Turn on your PC, and move the cursor to the “Start” menu.

Step 2.Click on “Start” menu and in the blank search box at the bottom, input “PowerShell”.

Step 3.From the list of options that appear, click “Windows PowerShell”.

Step 4.Once you click on “Windows PowerShell” button, a blue dialog box would pop up which is nothing but the PowerShell operating window.

Step 5.Now; type “shutdown –a” and hit “Enter”.

And your job is done.

Method 3: Cancel Auto Shut-Down Using Run

Unlike the previous methods we employed in this article, this one is quite handy and easier to implement compared to the other methods.

Keep reading to know the method in steps:

Step 1.Press “Windows + R” on the keyboard.

Step 2.A small search box of “Run” would appear at the bottom left corner of the windows screen.

Step 3.Type “shutdown –a” in the blank box and hit “Enter”.

Your auto shut down mechanism is terminated.


Cancelling auto shut-down is very important as discussed in this article. Since auto shut down at times turns-off the system so suddenly that you don’t get enough time to save the files you are currently working on, the scheduled shut down procedure should always be cancel before you start working on your PC. In this article the methods have been depicted in such a way that even a beginner can do the task of cancelling the auto shut down on Windows 10 easily and quickly.

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